Destructive Steps is DSDA Inc.’s main event and since 2009 is an annual street dance competition held in Sydney, Australia that invites international dancers from around the world: Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, New Caledonia and South Korea to compete against Australia’s best dancers in the categories of Bboy/bgirl (Breaking), Popping and other street dance styles.


The event has now become the biggest street dance event in Sydney and Australia, running over 4 days annually in September and bringing in over 1000 audience members to watch Australian dancers go up against the world’s best. Workshops from the many international guests are a key part of the event, sharing knowledge from other cultures and experiences to dancers in Sydney.

Past Champions

Destructive Steps 1 – 2009

3v3 Breaking – Gamblerz/TG Breakerz (King So, Noodle, N-Jay) (KOR)

Destructive Steps 2 – 2010

3v3 Breaking – Extreme/TG/Maximum (Blond/Beast/Mickey) (KOR)

Destructive Steps 3 – 2011

3v3 Breaking – Zulu River Area (Born/Katsu/Goblin) (KOR/JPN)
1v1 Popping – Crazy Kyo (KOR)

Destructive Steps 4 – 2012

3v3 Breaking – Jinjo(Skim/Wing/Vero) (KOR)
1v1 Popping – Hozin (KOR)
Toprock City – Run Jay (KOR)

Destructive Steps 5 – 2013

3v3 Breaking – Gamblerz/Maximum (King So/Kill/Tazo)(KOR)
1v1 Popping – Popkun (KOR)

Destructive Steps 6 – 2014

3v3 Breaking – Common Ground (Leerok/Akorn/Knoxy) (AUS/NZ)
1v1 Popping – Tai (KOR)

Destructive Steps 7 – 2015

3v3 Breaking – K.A.K.B (Shigekix/Hihat/Kanta) (JPN)
1v1 Popping – Poppin Jack

Destructive Steps 8 – 2016

3v3 Breaking – STO (Black Jay/Lil Chao/Team) (CHN)
3v3 Open Styles – Fresh Biskitz (Lamaroc/Poppin Jack/Jiggy Jaya) (AUS)
1v1 Popping – Crazy Kyo (KOR)
1v1 U18s Breaking – Bboy Bred (AUS)

Destructive Steps 9 – 2017

3v3 Breaking – R-Groovers (V-Flow/Tepo/Kengo) (AUS/JPN/FRA)
3v3 Open Styles – DMT (Tiff/Maggz/David) (AUS)
1v1 Breaking – Lowe (AUS)
1v1 Popping – Poppin’ Ryan (TWN)
1v1 U18s Breaking – Quake (TWN)
1v1 U18s Open Style – Bboy Bred (AUS)

Destructive Steps 10 – 2018

3v3 Breaking – Jinjo (Skim/Wing/Vero) (KOR)
3v3 Open Styles – Team Shiba Inu (Daisuke/Jun/Keanu) (AUS)
1v1 Breaking – Jackson (AUS)
1v1 Bgirl – Y.Y.(HK)
1v1 Ladies Night – Gabi (AUS)
1v1 Popping – Poppin’ Jack (AUS)
1v1 U13s Breaking – J-Attack (AUS)
1v1 14-17yrs Breaking – Banjo (AUS)
1v1 U18s Open Style – Jiggy Jaya (AUS)

Destructive Steps 11 – 2019

3v3 Breaking – Team Cream (Gaz/Benny/Jackson) (AUS)
3v3 Open Styles – Javapanese (Poppin’ Jack/Jiggy Jaya/Ena) (AUS/JPN)
1v1 Breaking – V-Flow (AUS)
1v1 Bgirl – Yuina (JPN)
1v1 Ladies Night – Ena (JPN)
1v1 Popping – Poppin’ Jack (AUS)
2v2 Bonnie&Clyde – Renee&Shazam (Renee/Shazam) (AUS)
1v1 U13s Breaking – J-Attack (AUS)
1v1 14-17yrs Breaking – Upsize (AUS)
1v1 U18s Open Style – Yuina (JPN)


Destructive Steps 12 – 2020

Online Edition
1v1 Breaking
– Issin (JPN)
1v1 Open Styles – H.O.O.D (AUS)
1v1 Hip Hop – Nonoy (AUS)
1v1 Ladies Night – Princess Moodyrexx (USA)

Live Edition
1v1 Breaking – Lowe (AUS)
1v1 Open Styles – Keanu (AUS)
1v1 Hip Hop – Kez (AUS)
1v1 Ladies Night – Arisse (AUS)

Destructive Steps 13 Online – 2021

1v1 Breaking – Lowe (AUS)
1v1 Bgirl – Stitch (TWN)
1v1 Hip Hop – Eshwar Nikon (IND)
1v1 Open Styles – Kez (AUS)
1v1 Ladies Night – Madfox (AUS/CHN)
1v1 Waacking – Dada (TH/SG)

Destructive Steps 14 – 2022

3v3 Breaking – 143LSF Japan (Tepo/Shuhei/Kengo) (AUS/JPN)
3v3 Open Styles – Golden Flood (Jackson/Flood/Clarence) (AUS)
1v1 Bgirl – Sui (AUS)
1v1 Breaking – Tepo (JPN/AUS)
1v1 Ladies Night – Amanda (AUS)
1v1 Hip Hop – Fazil (SG)
2v2 Bonnie&Clyde – Stepping Cat (Maggz/Kid Tek) (AUS)
1v1 U13s Breaking – Christian (AUS)
1v1 14-17yrs Breaking – BenMX (AUS)
1v1 U13s Open Style – Tommy (AUS)
1v1 14-17yrs Open Style – Anielle (AUS)

Destructive Steps Street Dance Film Festival (DSSDFF)

DSSDFF Award – “Streetlight” by Project One, Rob Aspinall
Audience Award – “Women” by Jasmine Vo, Ladies Jam

Destructive Steps 15 – 2023

4v4 Breaking – Goodfoot x Waseda Breakers (Ayu/Bobcc/Reny Ren/Azuma) (JPN)
4v4 Open Styles – 3 Stars and a Sun (Eaves/Nonoy/Funky Zoid/Lando Lock) (PH/AUS)
1v1 Bgirl – Raygun (AUS)
1v1 Breaking – Taisi (NPL)
1v1 Ladies Night – Tamaki (JPN)
1v1 Hip Hop – Kez (AUS)
1v1 Popping – Poppin’ Jack (AUS)
2v2 Experimental
– Bad Bowel Buddies (Gabi/Zain) (AUS)
1v1 U13s Breaking – Valentino (AUS)
1v1 14-17yrs Breaking – BenMX (AUS)
1v1 U13s Open Style – Tommy (AUS)
1v1 14-17yrs Open Style – Romey (AUS)

Destructive Steps Street Dance Film Festival (DSSDFF)

DSSDFF Award – “A Starry Night in Apollo Bay” by Project One, Ryan Telfer 
Audience Award – “One out of Ten” by iMagia, Bgirl Mags
Varsity Award – “MDA Promo 2023” by MDA, Dominic Pich

Destructive Steps is held in Sydney, Australia on the lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. 

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional owners and custodians of the land and pay our respects to elders past, present and future across Australia.

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